Legend of the Game – Jog on Fatty

Jogonfatty - Kirsty King, before and after

As this is new to my blog i’d like to explain what a “Legend of the game” is! As we go through our ives we will often meet people that have a greater impact on us than they will ever know. Here is where I let that person know why and what they have done for me and why I am showing Gratitude!

First up it’s Kirsty King a.k.a Jog on Fatty – https://jogonfattyblog.wordpress.com

Jog on Fatty – https://jogonfattyblog.wordpress.com

Kirsty is in her 30’s (I’ve got you Kirsty) and is 6ft tall. At her heaviest Kirsty weighed in at over 24 Stone. After joining weight watchers and crushing it (including winning woman on the year at her group) however you just HAVE to watch her transformation video…..


I first stumbled upon Kirsty’s page as I was looking for motivation and inspiration outside of the norm. I hunted down a facebook community that offered support and I found it!!! I participated in the group for a couple of weeks until life took ahold! I was thrust into a very difficult personal situation that needed my full attention….. nature took ahold all my good habits and motivation went out of the window! I have some huge praise for you though Kirsty. Though I haven’t said anything on your page or group for a while things have still been popping up on my timeline! It was a constant reminder of what I can do moving forward and that the future would one day be bright!!

You’ve been a constant little angel on my shoulder even if you didn’t realise! So I wanted to let you know that even though you’re not posting as frequent yourself, you still helped inspire and motivate me to get to where I am now!

You Kirsty… are a Legend go the Game! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to inspire others!

If you’re just hearing about Jog onFatty for the first time and you’re interested to follow Kirsty’s Journey please do so here: https://www.facebook.com/Jogonfatty/ or join in the group fun Jog On Fatty Support and Chat! Read the blog here: https://jogonfattyblog.wordpress.com

Jog on fatty before and after


Ben x


This Month’s Progress, Weight Loss, Visitor Statistics!

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog with my results! I have loads more content going up on Facebook daily including videos at London’s Health Blogger. I will however be posting twice a week moving forward on how i’m losing the weight and answering some of your questions!

My last update on the blog was on 27th July when I weighed in at 109kg. My last weigh in last Wednesday I weighed in at 103.7kg. Which means over the last month I’ve lost 5.3kg (11.6lbs).

I’ve been working out well and watching what I eat. One slight concern though is that despite losing a lot of weight I still have high blood pressure. Well a few months ago I decided to go vegan for a week and monitored my blood pressure results and the changes were phenomenal! This time i’m going to do the same again except document what I’m eating and how my blood pressure is coming along!

Posted by London's Health Blogger on Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I’m also very interested in how other blogs have performed and find things like traffic and income reports riveting! So i’m going to add the occasional statistic on some of my posts as I grow this blog to help me keep accountable and to inspire others!

In July the blog had 52 Visitors, 4 coming from Organic and 31 coming from Social! I’ve not updated the blog since the end of July and should be adding content to the blog in order to grow it! Next month I will be creating at least two new blog posts per week!

In Aug the visitors took a dive to 40 with just 2 coming from Organic searches!

September goals…..

Lose 4-6Kg

Be able to run 5k without stopping!

Naturally lower my Blood Pressure without the need for meds!

I’m going to put the work in to make sure next month to make sure I at least quadruple visitor numbers to the site!!!!

I’d also like to grow the Facebook page from it’s current 224 likes over 300! (If you haven’t already…….. 😉 www.facebook.com/londonshealthblogger 




Week 2 Weigh in! How I meal Prep…..

BBQ Meal Prep in the rain - London's Health Blogger


Week 2 Weigh in! I’ll cut to the chase……

Last week I weighed in at 111.2 Kg – 245.15lbs – 17.51St

This week I weighed in at 109.0 Kg – 240.3lbs – 17.16St

I Lost 2.2 Kg – 4.85lbs – .35St

Here’s the video:


What I ate this week: The good, the bad and the Ugly!

I worked 5 out of the seven days and got myself some couscous (With veg inc spinach), chicken and sweet chilli sauce. The total calories for the lot is 900! I eat this through the day and it keeps me full! I drink sparkling water or still water and when I get home i’ll have a snack! Now I workout everyday i’m at work so i’m running at a serious calorie deficit but i’m not feeling super tired during work, when I get home though thats another story!

I ordered a chinese takeaway and had a very small portion in comparison to what the old me would have had! This meant I had left overs and so I had another small portion the next evening too! I had half of a Mars Bar Duo. Now this is by no means “HEALTHY FOOD” however the choices I am making are far Healthier!

I also decided to treat myself royally to a slap up breakfast on my day off. I let my body completely recover and i’m gearing up for some tough sessions this week!

What exercise did I do this week?

I was fortunate enough to have two sessions with a personal trainer this week!! My legs got smashed in one session and my upper body (mainly back) got it the other day! I also did 3 cardio sessions on top of this! One of them climbing 124 flights of stairs on a Power Mill!! Now i’ve never been known for my ability for covering a long distance when running! But this week I also ran a small 2k :)! I felt good about getting it done but my right calf  was killing me!

Meal Prep:

It was bucketing it down with rain today but I was determined to BBQ some chicken so me, Katie and Muma Jo have some food in the fridge for easy, healthy meals!

BBQ Meal Prep in the rain - London's Health Blogger

The chicken turned out amazing! Well seasoned, juicy, crisp in places!I’ll be cutting the chicken into chunks and taking it in to work to put with the couscous I buy from the shop! Check out my instagram where i’ll be posting things I eat this week: www.instagram.com/londonshealthblogger


BBQ Chicken Meal Prep London



I’d appreciate it if you’re able to comment and let me know what you think of the blog. anything I can add or take away?


Thanks for reading!!


Ben 🙂

Win a meal for two…. with a twist :)!

Bella Italia Beckton

I went along to Bella Italia in Beckton recently and did a review of one other under 600kcal meals. The very next day Bella Italia got in touch and had a great response for the review.

The General Manager Mo who has been excellent has agreed to let me offer a meal for two as a competition on my blog. So here’s your chance to win!!

I’d like to put a spin on it though. Let’s, you and me, work together to give this to someone who could really do with being shown some love! Someone that might be sick or going through a rough time! Win a meal for two for someone that’ll really appreciate it! But hey, if you’re also going through a rough time and could really do with a break and dinner then please feel free to tag yourself!! 🙂

Simply head over to the Facebook page London’s Health Blogger and view the pinned post (will be removed after the 31st July 2017). Comment on the video by tagging someone that deserves this and why :)! A simple but nice gesture!

If you can’t think of anyone local in London please share if you can so we can reach out to someone that could really appreciate this :)!

Thanks for your help!


Ben 🙂

Week 1, Weigh in and Body Shots!

London's Health Blogger First youtube video

So this Wednesday I took my very first weigh in after deciding to become London’s Health Blogger! Let me explain….

I believe in the law of attraction, making our own luck, thinking things into existence! So having been describing myself as a “fat gym manager” for the last 7 years it’s no wonder that’s what I stayed!! Well not anymore! I’m London’s Health Blogger, and I sure as hell know London’s Health Blogger can’t be overweight! So i’m attracting into my life all the things that London’s Health Blogger should be! Watch me transform as I create my future!! Read more here.


I’d been noticing I had been feeling a lot better recently and not having as much liver pain as I have been previously. So I weighed in, realised I had lost a lot of weight and thought I’d better document the rest as I strive to become a better person in better health! So I set up this blog with two things in mind. To attract all the things I need into my life, and to document what happens along the way. No doubt as much as I’ll try and keep this positive, i’l try to be true to life up’s and downs!

Here’s my weigh in from a few months ago:

Boditrax Results - London's Health Blogger


   Wow,         118.5 KG –  261.25lbs  – 18.66 St


I’m someone that has struggled with my weight almost all my life! I’ve tried most bloody diets, fads you name it i’ve probably done it! I thought I was intelligent but how can someone so switched on be so destructive t their body?! Chemicals and hormones, probably leptin resistance, or is that an excuse? Who knows?!

I’ve been slowly changing my habits, up until now. Stepping into my new role of “London’s Health Blogger” I’m kicking it up notches!!!! I’m going to keep at it though because I want this so bad! I’m going to make it consume my mind and i’ll be adding 10-20 working hours onto my work week just to make sure I write about it and document it!

I also measured myself!! Here are my first measurements to be accountable by……


Chest: 51.5″
Waist: 44″
Bicep: 15″
Quads: 24.5″
Calves: 17″

For now here’s the weigh in Video……….  I’ll post the result below if you don’t have time to watch the video :)! Body shots in the video too at the end!!


So I weighed in at 111.2 Kg – 245.15lbs – 17.51St


Nice, i’m down just over a stone but i’ve not been tracking it so who knows how long it took. It was up to 4 months ago that I weighed in at 118.5Kg. All i know is….. I’m on the right track, my head is in the game, i’m going to do me, London and Bloggers proud :)!


Thank you for your support!!


Ben 🙂

London’s Healthy Options – Review of Bella Italia in Beckton (With Video)

Bella Italia in Beckton

This isn’t the first time i’ve been to Bella Italia and it probably won’t be the last as it’s pretty convenient. Those that know Beckton will know there’s not too many place to go out and eat. In Gallions Reach you have McDonalds, Nandos and Bella Italia! If I go to Nando’s anymore I’ll look like a bloody Chicken!

My Fiance and I also arrived at our decision to have date night at Bella Italia in Beckton because we actually had two free main meals to collect. We had complained about our takeaway we had received a few days prior, some things just don’t travel well! Why would we have expected the bruschetta to be crispy after being jigged about in a moped?!

The decor is lovely btw:

Bella Italia in Beckton


I had the Beef and Red Wine Ravioli. The sauce was beautiful and rich, very flavoursome and complimented the Ravioli well. The Ravioli was fresh, the beef was OK and the meal left me satisfied for a few hours! If I went for my normal options I would have consumed 1400+ Calories! However I only had about 720 in total and thats over estimating it! Together with my 407 calorie breakfast, my workout, some popcorn and a twister (ice cream) I consumed a low amount of calories for this beast!! However the law of thermodynamic now says that I will lose weight, so long may this continue :)! Right choices baby!!!!

Beef and Red Wine Ravioli from Bella Italia in Beckton

I’d like to give Mo and his team a big shout out as they looked after us very well! I hope our next visit is just the same :)! Thank you! You turned around a bad experience and made it a positive one!

Have you eaten at Bella Italia? I’d love to know what you thought! Please leave a comment below or get in touch! 🙂

So here’s the basic information about Bella Italia:

Chain venue for Italian pasta, pizza and grill dishes, with a special children’s menu.
AddressArmada Way, London E6 7ER


Monday 10am–11pm
Tuesday 10am–11pm
Wednesday 10am–11pm
Thursday 10am–11pm
Friday 9am–11pm
Saturday 9am–11pm
Sunday 9am–10:30pm

Website: www.bellaitalia.com

Some reviews taken from Google, they have a 3.4/5 Star Rating on google at the time of writing this with 113 reviews. This seems fair to be honest. I’d go back yes, but only because it’s convenient and the food is decent. I gave this place a 3.8/5 Stars, possibly because I wanted to be extra nice :)!


2 weeks ago (as of 17/7/17)
I came here with my familly for breakfast. We wanted to try something new. This restaurant did not disappoint us: the waiters were friendly, the food was delicious, we didint have to wait long for our food, the music set the mood perfectly for us. We are deffinitely going to come back here again.
Sufi Shah 1/5 Stars
3 months ago (as of 17/7/17)
Totally poor food. Poor experience. Poor and unhelpful staff. Staff have poor knowledge of menu and don’t suggest or explain any menu. not for families at all. Staff are not Friendly they treat you like an alien. Food is too expensive for family. I do not recommend this chain of food or this place at all.
Monger Miah 3/5 Stars
in the last week (as of 17/7/17)
Service was very slow, food was disappointing. There seemed few customers, yet they seemed understaffed. Avoid.
 I give Bella Italia in Beckton 3.8/5 stars!